Cleaned tubes

To obtain grease and oil free surfaces, specialized chemical treatments are often required in the process and petrochemical industry. Our straight tubes are already from a high clean level, “standard industrial clean” but for certain industrial applications in order to prevent costly equipment downtime or failure we recommend extra chemically treatment to receive contamination free tubes. The most common way is to chemically treated our tubes, “Ultra clean” for tube applications where oxygen will be used or transported. The packing for the cleaned tubes will be with caps on the ends and in polyethylene heat sealed bags. Upon customers request any type of cleaning can be arranged from degreasing, pickling & passivation to Electro polishing. To remove all oil, grease, dirt, finger prints or any other organic residues even to the requirements of ASTM G93 level A. After cleaning an intensive inspection is carried out to made up a cleaning test certificate.

Our seamless coil tubes are even certified to the cleanliness requirements of ASTM A632 S3.1.2, thermocouple clean on the inside diameter defined as being free of all drawing compounds, carbon, dirt, dust, visible surface oxides, scale, and other contaminants. This is a verification test using a solvent-saturated cloth which is passed through the tubing. Unacceptable results lead to additional cleaning operations until tubing passes the thermocouple clean requirements, the ends are protected with polyethylene caps and packed on wooden or plastic reels.