• High quality tubes for
    the oil and gas industry

About Merinox

A summary of or business concept

The Merinox group faces fierce opposition in the market place, our competitors
are often very large companies, the challenges are tough. To us it is not enough
to be as good as the rest, we have to be the best. We approach this situation
armed with our unique weapons: Merinox group is a privately held company with
very committed owners and a dedicated staff of more than 35 tubing professionals,
always ready for action, we are flexible, fleet-footed and customer oriented.
To us every customer is an important customer and they know this, therefore,
they demand a lot from us. We love it, it makes us active and competitive.


Starting point is our commitment to quality

Merinox builds its operations on two cornerstones: Product and service of the
highest quality, combined with an optimal service level and security of supply.
The only way we can win the confidence of our customer’s is by means of an
uncompromising commitment to quality. So we sell ourselves: Our quality level
must, at least, match our customers demands and preferable exceed them.
With export to more than 60 countries worldwide, absolute security of supply
is just as important for our succes, our goal is 100% guaranteed delivery of
goods, if there is ever a risk of any delay, the whole company swings into action
to avoid problems for the customer at any cost. All Merinox employees personally
guaranteeing their commitment to the Merinox policy of making sure that the
company lives up to the customers expectations to 100%.


Europe’s biggest tube stock

As a leading stockhoulder we carry the biggest stock in Europe, specialized only
in seamless tubing for instrumentation – hydraulic – coiled – capillary – high pressure –
control lines – high temperature – chromatography – cleaned – multi core – pre-insulation.
With a stock facility of over 2 million meters of tubing and more than 5000 articles,
from standard stainless steel to very hard to get nickel, copper, duplex, super duplex and
titanium materials or odd ball tube dimensions. Naturally all our products are produced
and supplied in accordance with and to quality assurance procedures based on ISO 9001.
In addition to the head office and main warehouse in Alblasserdam, near Rotterdam in
The Netherlands, who is responsible for the Benelux and worldwide operations, Merinox
has subsidairies in:

  • Oldham, near Manchester for United Kingdom & Irish market
  • Ratingen, near Düsseldorf for German, Swiss & Austrian market