Health, safety, and security environment at work remains Merinox number one priority.

The exposure in warehouses, at side deliveries, facility operations, construction projects and transport present just some of the risks that must be continuously addressed to protect all our people. The Merinox Group cares about the safety of our workforce, visitors and local community and provides leadership, training and resources along with the involvement of all employees to maintain a safe working environment for all concerned. We ensure compliance with laws and regulations and endeavor to behave in a manner that builds trust at all levels of the business and demonstrates that we care about the consequence of our actions and decisions on those around us.

Our approach and strategy

Our goal is simple: providing a safe and secure workplace so no harm comes to our people. Our focus is on the management of key risks including occupational health and safety, and asset integrity, and paying particular attention to incident prevention. By continuously improving performance, in turn, will minimize the impact of our activities on the local communities in which we operate as well as the wider environment.

Systems and processes

Merinox’ fundamental approach is established through our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Management System, and we measure performance and results through management oversight, minimum standards and performance reporting.

Merinox has a comprehensive internal program comprising assessment and procedures against our own corporate HSSE requirements, as well as process safety and asset integrity minimum requirements.


Merinox strives for continuous improvement in safety by regularly tracking and reviewing safety performance.

In fact Merinox’ total number of hours worked across the Group compared with recorded injuries, is zero! Only minor small injuries was notice with no influence at work, reported internally on a yearly basis, and supplemented by additional indicators including medical aid, first aid and near miss HSSE opportunities.

We all have a part to play in protecting the Environment and world in which we live. Our environment deserves our utmost respect to use its resources carefully and prevent any damage through our actions or omissions. Merinox operates and maintains a best practice Environmental Management System to minimize impact on the Environment and use all natural resources efficiently.

Simply stated our goals are no accidents anywhere, no harm to our people & relations and no damage to the environment.