Multicore tube bundles

From single line to tube bundles up to 19 core, produced from our coil tubes, with options for steam or electrical trace heating, providing a system for safe transmission and temperature control of gasses and liquids. It is used to connect a variety of hydraulic, measuring, analytical and differential pressure applications, including process lines, sample lines and impulse lines.
The tubes can be encapsulated as: bare, round, square and flat packed, the standard extruded outer sheath is made of oil and sea water resistant, weather proof, flame retardant, corrosion and acid resistant black PVC with green print. On request individual tube sheath with available identification colors can be provided.

Our advantaged:

  • Short delivery times due to the use of our extensive stock seamless coil tubes in stainless, nickel and copper alloys.
  • Available in very long lengths seamless tubing up to 1200 meters long, which reduces material cost and lower quantity of fittings.
  • Maintenance free and well protected against mechanical damage and corrosion.
  • High quality tubes in stainless and nickel alloys for superior corrosion resistance in severe environments
  • Easy and fast to install as an energy cable, which reduces installation cost