Coiled tubes

Coiled tubes are mainly used during the production process in the oil and gas industries. These very long metal pipes are perfectly suited for interventions in gas and oil. As a tubing specialist, Merinox knows how important it is to guarantee quality and safety. It is safe to say that the best coiled tubes are manufactured by our company. Read more about the benefits of this type of tubing down below.

What are the benefits of coiled tubes?

Are you not yet fully convinced to implement coiled tubes as a standard? We will gladly list some of the most important benefits:

  • The shipping conditions of coiled tubes are cheaper than other varieties;
  • The installation requires less connections, which means less maintenance;
  • The time and cost of the installation is reduced;
  • The cut from the foil is measured very precise to reduce waste and scrap.

Coiled tubes are not the only area of expertise of Merinox! Just ask our team about the possibilities of instrumentation tubes, control line tubing, seamless tubes, and more.

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