High temperature tubes

Are you looking for seamless high temperature tubes for your company? At Merinox, we carry a wide range of high temperature seamless tubing, available in a variety of sizes and specifications. It is our goal to provide tube solutions that meet or even exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. We do so by offering a wide range of seamless stainless steel and special alloy tubes.

High temperature tubes for several industries

The high temperature tubes can be used in several industries and for all kinds of high-temperature applications, such as:

  • Thermo couple sheathes
  • Burners
  • Lance tubes
  • Gas turbine
  • Recuperators
  • Chemical processing
  • Furnace equipment
  • Jet engine combustion tubes
  • Heat exchangers

Are you looking for tubes that maintain the temperature of the fluids within? Our pre-insulated tubes are the ideal solution! You can also contact us for other sorts of tubes, such as instrumentation tubes and you can choose between straight and coiled tubes.

Inform about the possibilities with our tubes

Are you interested in high temperature tubes? Please contact our sales professionals to check the availability of your demanded tube. For more information about us, you can contact our company in in the Netherlands by calling +31 (0)78 – 691 7800 or by sending an e-mail to info@merinox.co.nl.

Grade UNS Wst.No. Maximum exposure temperature
304/304L S30400/S30403 1.4301/1.4306 600°C / 1115°F
316/316L S31600/S31603 1.4401/1.4406 430°C / 800°F
321 S32100 1.4541 650°C / 1205°F
316Ti S31635 1.4571 500°C / 930°F
310/310S S31000/S31003 1.4841/1.4845 1140°C / 2060°F
317L S31703 1.4438 430°C / 800°F
600 N06600 2.4816 900°C / 1625°F
601 N06601 2.4851 1200°C / 2200°F
625 B06625 2.4856 980°C / 1800°F
800 N08800 1.4876 600°C / 1100°F
800H N08810 1.4958 1100°C / 2000°F
800HT N08811 1.4959 1100°C / 2000°F
825 N08825 2.4858 550°C / 1000°F
C22 N06022 2.4602 677°C / 1250°F
C276 N10276 2.4819 1038°C / 1900°F
C4 N06455 2.4610 1038°C / 1900°F
Ti Grade 2 R50400 3.7035 430°C / 800°F
Zirconium R06702 550°C / 1020°F