Straight tubing

Would you like to invest in straight tubing? At Merinox, we supply tubing in various materials and alloys of the best quality. Because we hold Europe’s largest stock, you easily find the right tubing for your business. From our headquarters in the Netherlands, we provide tubes of the best quality to loyal customers across Europe.

Which kinds of straight tubing do we offer?

At Merinox, we offer straight tubing to various industries, such as marine industries, shipbuilding, petrochemical industries, refining, and the oil and gas industry. With our high-quality tubes, we aim to offer practical solutions for your business. In our product range, you can find multiple tubes, including:

Apart from straight tubing, we also offer coiled tubes. We are a customer-focused, passionate company and we work relentlessly to provide the right tubing for all our customers.

Learn more about our tubes

Are you interested in our straight tubing, or would you like to discover the other materials in our collection? Discover our products and let us advise you about which product is most suitable for your applications. For more information, please contact us by calling +31 (0)78 – 691 7800 or by sending an e-mail to info@merinox.co.nl.